Readers Testimonies

As a young child I was very shy. When I entered my teenage years I had a hard time making friends and felt like I did not belong. During highschool my thoughts turned to girls. I wanted to have a girlfriend like everyone else but I could not talk to them and felt like they wanted nothing to do with me. I became very lonely and fell into a deep depression. Often I would spend hours in my room staring at the ceiling or with my head buried in the pillows wondering to myself why I was ever born.

One night my feelings of lonliness and despair overcame me and I reached out to the one friend I did have at the time. He answered the phone and as I began to talk, he interrupted me and asked if he could call me back the next day because he was busy. After hanging up the phone I realized something. I could not depend on my family or friends to get over my lonliness. I could not depend on them to be there for me every time I needed something or someone to talk to.

At that moment I turned to God and prayed, " God I don't know what to do. I don't have the answers, I give up. I'm putting my life in your hands."

That was the day I gave my life to Jesus. I'd like to say that things turned around for me right away, but they didn't. In fact over the last 12 years God has patiently molded me into his child. Through many heartaches - marital problems, medical problems, miscarriage, death of loved ones - God has taken my stubborness, my sadness, my anger, my lack of patience and my lack of faith and He has replaced it with love, peace, joy and happiness. Over the last two years in particular, I have faced many struggles. But in those two years I have faced them with Jesus. He takes the hurt and pain and tells me, "Have faith, I will use it for good, I will comfort you."

How has Jesus changed my life? Today I have a hunger for Jesus, I want to tell everyone about Him, I want everyone to experience His love, I want Him to be with me every waking moment of my day. In one sentence, God has taken the heart of a lonely sinner and replaced it with the love of Jesus!

Lynette Kremer

"Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come" (Matthew 24:42.)

During the summer months in August 1990, the Christians in Saginaw decided to have a series of gospel meeting in a tent.  That was a tortuous summer for me! It had been my first year at the junior high school and was very stressful. I wanted to fit in, but my plans for popularity and enjoyment hadn't worked out so far. Right down the street was the great big green and white tent; advertising gospel meetings throughout the month.

Every night mom and dad dragged all of us children out to the tent to hear the gospel message. I was positive that they had been ganging up on me, and telling the preacher's all my greatest sins. I thought this because every meeting I sat through was directed to me, every word pierced my thought life. The only way I could keep my composer was if I didn't make eye contact with the preacher, and didn't sing to heartily. (I loved to sing.)

Sitting through the meeting was bad, but worse was the ride home in the van. My brother Scott had just come home from the army, he was on a vacation. He had been saved for three years at that time and he loved to talk about it. And it seemed to be that Scott thought that the ride home was his dinnertime. He preyed on all us "ranting and raving" about the shortness of life and that how he knew the Lord was coming very soon. Of course that just terrified me! I didn't want to be left behind, but more than that I didn't want to be in hell for all eternity. 

Then there came the flood of joy! My sister Vanessa professed salvation on the nineteenth of the month. To me this was no good, she shared a bedroom with me and I knew after I got home from school until the next day, for the rest of my life, I would be bombarded with the gospel message.

Then five days later my brother Aaron was reached and saved by the grace of God. Talk about pressure I was an emotional roller coaster! I would whimper through a hymn given out at the end of the meeting with tears in my eyes and then be "tortured" with the thoughts of death and hell every waking moment.

Vanessa tenderly told me that she was praying for me while Scott lectured me on the pains and agonies of hell, and Aaron would just cry as he tried to tell me whatever it was he said. I didn't want to hear them and so I tried not to listen. I would go to bed at night and cry myself to sleep. I would plead with God that I would be a good person and never sin if I could only stop thinking about the severity of hell. Then I would tip toe into the living room that is right off my parents bedroom, just to make sure they were still here on earth and living.

Everyday I felt more exhausted and helpless. I knew that if died I would be in hell alone. I hated going to sleep at night and going to the gospel meeting wasn't so bad after all.

One message was an illustration of the power of God. How He has my life in the grasp of His hand, to take when the time comes to have my soul lost forever in the depths below. At that point I knew there was nothing I could do, I was a sinner bound for hell with no hope. I could see my soul slip from the grasp of the Savior's hand as He said, "It's too late, Lynette."

Once again it was time for bed and as I lay there, looking through the window at the stars, I realized that there was nothing for me to do. He had paid the price in full. Getting down on my knees in all my sins I found the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. (August 26, 1990)

Now I can in return praise His holy name for the work He finished at the Cross of Calvary.  Because His love is so powerful!

Olivia Colvin

I was a lost sinner on my way to Hell, but now I am on my way to Heaven.

It all started at a Bible study at Woodrow Wilson High School. The studies were held after school from 3pm to 4pm. Mr. Don was preaching to us about salvation; why you need to be saved, etc. When he told us that you should have a time in your life when you were saved, a definite moment, I started thinking to myself, “I don’t have that moment in my life.” A friend of mine started telling her testimony, and these words struck me, “The just for the unjust.” Later, I spoke to Mr. Don about how I can be saved. He read some scriptures in the Bible from Matthew and Jeremiah about the heart being deceitful. I started thinking about all the sins I had committed in my heart. Then we discussed Jesus’ death on the cross. I finally understood what Jesus’ death meant.

I went home and read my Bible. With what I understood still in my mind, I confessed to the Lord that I was a lost sinner, on my way to Hell. I believed that the Lord Jesus died on the cross for me, and I accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal Savior. I knew that He died on the cross for me, and there was nothing more for me to do. I was saved.

That was January 10, 2002, at 11:40pm. I continue to follow my Lord, and was baptized in April of 2002.